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The Media House

Your talent, your future


We believe in open, honest communication with clients, and work closely with a team of talented independent designers to offer a wide range of creative services.


In addition to graphic design, we also offer consulting for new businesses facing creative challenges. Below are the outline of our services.

MULTIMEDIA The media House is a full-service multimedia company that specialises in producing high-end marketing led videos, corporate video, training video, web video and wedding video. From concept to delivery, we write your script, storyboard your script with stills, captions, motion graphics, animation, music & voice. We produce your finished video-short to exact fit and style of your delivery platform. We deliver HD quality file for your approval far below deadline. Our turn-around is fast, approximately 7 days. If you want interactive brochure, sound recording, video production, voice-over, video-editing, visual effects for film, 2D animation, 3D animation, e-learning or game development… You’ve got it. Request for sample or demo, Try us NOW!



At The Media House, we offer a wide range of Web Design packages appropriate for all types of organisation. Our experienced team of in-house Web Designers and Marketers, work with our clients to build a dazzling, interactive and brand conscious website at an affordable price.


In addition, understanding that new client may not be familiar with website content, we also have professional Photographers, Writer and Video Editors present to assist you in marketing your brand with eye catching visuals and inviting language.



At The Media house, we produce stunning Visual Effects for TV advert and Films. Whether you want to showcase your product in an amazing way, turn your living room into a swimming pool or make your car fly in the sky. Talk to us.


We combine various professional software with sophisticated techniques that will WOW your audience. It’s quality, performance and ‘fitness for purpose’ that drives our design process.


Our studio draws on discipline and techniques used within the broadcast studio industry. If you require instant green screen, live chroma key, on-screen titles and graphics, colour correction, motion tracking or any special effect, it is a Phone Call away.

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