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In the 21st century, single-platform legacy media companies are widely out of favour with investors of all stripes. Given the economic leverage that a fully integrated multi-platform publishing operation brings to any media space, it should be no wonder that those are the only kinds of companies that are drawing buyers, investors and key talent.


We will help you to position your company to all your various stakeholders, including potential investors, buyers and high octane talent and also help you communicate your business road map in a way that makes them want to invest their time in your organization.



"Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries."

Interactive Media

Digital publishing tools provide a bunch of interactive features, which can be used by publishers to re-create the magic of print, web and digital, all in one.


Hyper-linking is a features used to link open websites in a device native or in-App browser on the hand-held device, from the magazine layout itself. This feature is a boon to eCommerce and can be used to implement a complete purchase cycle for a product or service. Simply tap on a link in the magazine, and it can be used to send a mail to the editor, or open a product overview page on the web, or take you to any location on the world wide web.


Digital magazines have the luxury of making use of all the raw data like images and video of a product, event or new story, and have them all used in-side a single page of a digital magazine. Unlike print, there is no area size or limited space consideration in digital publishing. Publishers can leverage features like slide shows, audio-video to display multiple images or video in a same in-line frame on the page, which can play on a trigger by button, tap or swipe, or on auto-play mode.

African Applause

African Applause (AA) is a Bi-monthly magazine and the first issue is expected October 1st. It is a digital Magazine that aim to showcase and promote African’s contributions to the development of Africa in particular and also their influence in the world. The magazine will include features such as: digital video, audio, animation, slide shows, games and other exciting interactivity. It will be available on iPad, iPhones, iPod, Google Play, Androids etc. The theme of the magazine will include:

  • Fashion
  • Businesses
  • Art/Craft
  • Creativity/Innovation
  • Celebrities
  • Culture
  • Music



African Applause interactive digital magazine will target audience including male and female between ages 15 plus. These people are well educated, well groomed in careers or actively running their own businesses. They are technology savvy and enjoy digital exposure.


Below are the screen shot of the App in progress



  • Enter Page

    This is the entering page of African Applause. It is a fully user-oriented digital magazine. African Applause facilitates marketing and distribution of electronic magazines on a global scale.


    It is a custom  branded Apps that is made available in geographic territories and locations, via different store enablers, with a few clicks. It increase customer base, reduce production costs and strengthen brands by going digital.


  • Contents Page

    This is the contents page of the magazine with features covering various professions and topics such as:

    • Technology and Innovation
    • Entertainment and culture
    • Businesses
    • Style and Fashion
    • Health and Fitness
    • Art and Craft
  • Art & Craft

    This is Art and Craft sample page with Slide show of Africans Arts and Crafts.